YouTube Video: Berlin Brazil Dialogue: Urban-Rural Relations Between Agroexport and Food Sovereignty

Parallel to increasing Brazilian agro-industrial exports and their growing economic importance, social movements in urban and rural settings are fighting collectively for food sovereignty. The Brazilian “hinterland” has become a space that is characterized by new and old social, economic, and ecological conflicts. What are the current developments? Which alternatives and new scenarios can be identified? This panel discusses these central questions. Watch the discussion on Youtube.


  • Sérgio Pereira Leite (Economist, UFRRJ, Brazil)
  • Tainá Marajoara (Cook, Cultural Events Manager, Brazil)
  • Kelli Mafort (MST, Brazil)
  • Patrus Ananias (Member of Parliament, Brazil)

Moderation: Renata C. Motta (FU Berlin, LAI)

Co-moderation: Nicolas Goez (FU Berlin, LAI)