Food for Justice at the DKG 2023 in Frankfurt

Renata Motta, Judith Müller, and Lea Zentgraf were at the 62nd German Congress of Geography (DKG) in Frankfurt from September 19 to 23, 2023, addressing critical issues related to food democracy and justice.

Lea Zentgraf delivered a presentation on Thursday, September 21, titled Everyone at the table? Food Democracy in Practice, as part of Panel I on Food Geographies. Lea Zentgraf used the Food Council Berlin as a case study for illustrating practical aspects of food democracy and justice.

On Friday, September 22, Renata Motta and Lea Zentgraf jointly presented their research on the coalition We are fed up! Peasants and urban allies struggling for agrarian and food change in the Panel Transformation Processes from a Rural Rustic Perspective.

The 62nd German Congress of Geography provided a platform for discussions and research, reaffirming the importance of geography in addressing pressing global issues.