Eryka Galindo at the Brazilian Agroecology Congress

From November 20 to 23, 2023, the 12th Brazilian Agroecology Congress (CBA) buzzed in Rio de Janeiro. Coordinated by the Brazilian Agroecology Association (ABA), the event brought together over 5,000 students, researchers, and professionals from various academic fields.

Researcher Eryka Galindo participated in the Congress, invited by ABA to join the coordination team of the “Terreiro de Inovações Camponesas” (Peasant Innovations Square). This space fostered debates and encouraged social technologies for agroecological transition, stemming from the fusion of traditional and scientific knowledge.

Over the four days, 58 family and urban farmers, indigenous people, quilombolas, and representatives of other traditional communities showcased their creations. These included tools, machines, utensils, bioinputs, biodiversity and soil management practices, and organizational processes. Debates featured researchers and federal government representatives, focusing on strategies and challenges for promoting peasant innovation.

The participation of the Food for Justice research group in the “Terreiro de Inovações Camponesas” aimed to answer the question: “What knowledge and technologies are found in food movements that seek to overcome food inequalities and shape ecological, fair, and democratic food policies?” The various technologies presented reveal that solutions created in these territories benefit not only agricultural communities but also the planet, as they are based on lower environmental impact solutions and the principles of cooperation and adaptability to the realities of peasant agriculture.