Members of our team visited the Weltacker-Sommerfest at BuGa in Mannheim

Mannheim hosted a remarkable summer festival on July 21st at the renowned Weltacker, offering a day filled with engaging activities centered around sustainable and fair agriculture in which members of Food for Justice participated. Renata Motta, Birgit Peuker, Judith Müller, Thalita Kalix and Lea Zentgraf visited the BuGa and went to the event at the Weltacker-Sommerfest.

Visitors of all ages enjoyed interactive experiences, learning about their ecological footprint, the significance of keyhole beds for food security in southern Africa, and crafting their own little root windows.

Cem Özdemir, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, took the festival’s patronage and delivered a keynote speech on global food justice. Other notable speakers included Minister of Education Theresa Schopper and Brazilian agroecologist Antônio Inácio Andrioli, who shared insights on food security in the Global South.

The festival also provided a platform for raising awareness and fostering sustainable practices, leaving a positive impact on both local and international levels.

Date: July 21, 2023

Location: Mannheim, Germany