Marco Antonio Teixeira at the Executive Week 2023 of the ‘Berlin Academy for Brazilian Union Leaders’

After several years of the far-right movement, the political landscape of Brazil is shifting towards the left due to the re-election of Lula da Silva. To address the challenges and opportunities that Brazil will face, 16 union leaders from different regions of Brazil participated in a five-day program (22-26 of May) of the ‘Berlin Academy for Brazilian Union Leaders’ organized by Hertie School Executive Education and Repú

Food for Justice project leader Marco Antonio Teixeira presented during the Executive Week and participated in the activities with the 16 Brazilian Union Leaders and experts and union leaders from Germany.

These Brazilian political change-makers developed their political skills through a series of seminars, workshops and guest talks on the topic of unions, reform, leadership, and political communication. Further, the Executive Week included meetings and events with German union leaders and expert discussions with German MPs. The program aimed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the post-Bolsonaro political arena. Topics covered include public sector innovation, people management, leadership, political communication, and organizational justice.