Marco Antonio Teixeira participated in the COP28 with Climate and Food Discussions

Marco Antonio Teixeira led two impactful events at COP28. On December 9, he delved into sustainable food policies at the Food4Climate Pavilion, collaborating with Mercy For Animals, Humane Society International, and Food for Justice, HCIAS/Heidelberg University.

Continuing this engagement on December 11, alongside Isadora Cardoso (Freie Universität Berlin), Teixeira shared intersectional climate justice stories at the Women and Gender Constituency Pavilion. This underscored his commitment to addressing environmental and social issues, specifically focusing on the intricate connections between food movements, climate justice, and bioeconomy, especially in the Amazon.

Teixeira’s active participation at COP28 solidifies his position as a thought leader in climate and food research, offering valuable insights into global discussions.