Publication of research highlighting Integration of Food Sovereignty and Popular Feminism in Brazil’s Marcha das Margaridas

A study was published in number 57 of the Debates en Sociologia journal written by Marco Antonio Teixeira and Renata Motta shedding light on the vital intersection between food sovereignty and popular feminisms within the context of Brazil’s Marcha das Margaridas. The March, bringing together feminist, agrarian, union movements, and international organizations, has seen its agenda evolve since 2000, incorporating themes such as agroecology and food sovereignty.

The study, based on the analysis of political documents, highlights five central themes in the Marcha das Margaridas’ discourse on food sovereignty, including the right to food, state support for women’s food production, and the valorization of non-commercialized food work. The article provides an in-depth understanding of how food sovereignty has become an essential component in March’s struggle, making a significant contribution to the understanding of these dynamics in the Brazilian context.

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