FFJ and the Marcha das Margaridas 2023

The seventh Marcha das Margaridas was held on August 15 and 16, 2023, in Brasilia, and brought together more than 100,000 women from the countryside, the forest, the waters and the cities. The slogan of the 2023 edition was “For the Reconstruction of Brazil and For Bem Viver“.

Some of the demands put forward by the March are the expansion of women’s participation in politics; combating violence, racism and sexism; economic autonomy; access to land and education; food security; rural production allied to agroecology and universalization of the internet and digital inclusion.

During the two days of the March, Food for Justice conducted a survey to better understand the profile of the Margaridas, their trajectories and opinions. In preparation, the team held two training sessions for the researchers who applied the questionnaire in collaboration with the IBPAD.

During the activities of the March, the Food for Justice team also carried out participatory observation of the discussions and the political opening. In addition, the researchers accompanied the solemn session in the Brazilian Senate.

The week ended with an international meeting of rural women at the CONTAG.

More about the Marcha das Margaridas: