Renata Motta gave a lecture at the Monday Conference “Food for Justice: social movements and solidarity around food”

On Monay, June 10th , the Institute for Translation and Interpreting held its weekly Monday Conference, a tradition spanning nearly 90 years. As part of the university’s Studium Generale, the event aimed to broaden students’ knowledge and provide practical experience for M.A. Conference Interpreting students.

Renata Motta delivered a lecture titled “Alimento para Justiça: movimentos sociais e solidariedades em torno da comida” (“Food for Justice: social movements and solidarity around food”). She explored the relationship between nutrition, food production, and social inequalities, presenting case studies from Brazil and Germany. The session, moderated by Kerstin Kock, was well-received by both in-person and online attendees.

The conference was simultaneously interpreted and live-streamed, welcoming a broad audience and facilitating interactive participation via chat.