Insegurança alimentar – Aumento da fome na pandemia

This conference cycle aims to discuss the impact of current necropolitical policies in the midst of one of the greatest health crises of recent times. Privileges in vaccine distribution, mass deaths in the outskirts of every state in Brazil, hunger, unemployment, and an increase in the number of feminicides are urgent debates that need to be at the center of everyone’s attention so that we can face the current reality and think about a possible future.

The cycle in question is divided in two parts.
In the first part (in June) we will discuss the concept of necropolitics and how it is applied to think about the pandemic, and we will also deal with issues such as collective loss, xenophobia motivated by health issues, and the increase in hunger.
In the second part (in July) we will deal with issues such as remote learning, home office work, the increase in domestic violence, and perspectives for the post-covid.

15h30 às 17h30 – Necropolítica e pandemia
with Renato Nogueira.
Moderation: Siméia de Mello Araújo.

17hs às 19hs – Perdas coletivas e enlutamento
with Carla Rodrigues.
Moderation: Fábio Mariano da Silva.

17hs às 19hs – Xenofobia sanitária
with Deisy Ventura.
Moderation: Laura Satoe Ueno.
15h30 às 17h30 – Insegurança alimentar – Aumento da fome na pandemia
with Marco Antonio Teixeira.
Moderation: Sheila de Carvalho.

Jul 01, 2021 | 03:30 PM