International Workshop Alimento para Justiça in Rio de Janeiro

The International Workshop Alimento para Justiça took place in Rio de Janeiro from August 22 to 24. The event was organized by Marco Antonio Teixeira, Renata Motta and Eryka Galindo (Food for Justice/HCIAS/Heidelberg University), Claudia Schmitt and Renato Maluf (CPDA/UFRRJ), and Paulo Petersen and Ingrid Pena (AS-PTA) and brought together different knowledge producers and practitioners working on food.

For three days, participants discussed socio-ecological transition, transformations, issues of justice and inequalities in the food system, and strategies and demands of social movements. Especially, feminist and decolonial approaches and theories were present. The debates were characterized by diverse actors as well as temporalities and scales and brought together many connections between theory and practice. Especially the first day with a joint visit to the project Providência Agroecológica by Alessandra Roque and the exhibition and discussion with Maurício Hora on the Quilombo Pedra do Sal were a fitting start for this.

Some impressions of the event can be found here.