Thalita Kalix Joins FFJ as Visiting Researcher to Explore Food Heritage and Transnational Movements

Thalita Kalix joins Food for Justice as a visiting researcher from June 22nd to August 22nd. Her research focuses on the Slow Food movement’s role in safeguarding food heritage in Brazil and Germany. During her doctoral pursuit, Thalita analyzed the Slow Food movement’s impact on preserving traditional food practices and heritage in both countries, contributing significantly to food movement studies.

Presently, Thalita is actively engaged in new projects that seek to explore the German and European realities further. Her work aims to address pressing issues such as inequalities, food insecurity, and the emergence of alternative food movements. Through her ongoing research endeavors, Thalita aspires to shed light on the multifaceted aspects of the food landscape and the potential solutions that can be derived from it.

The collaboration between Thalita Kalix and Food for Justice promises to pave the way for innovative insights into sustainable food practices and their implications on both local and global levels. Her dedication to the study of food heritage and transnational movements is anticipated to make significant contributions to the pursuit of food justice and equitable practices in the realm of food systems.”



On behalf of the whole team, a warm welcome to you!