60 Years of Rural Unionism in Brazil: Reflections on the Trajectory of Contag

The event “60 Years of Rural Unionism in Brazil: Reflections on the Trajectory of Contag” took place on September 5, 2022, featuring Marco Antonio Teixeira as one of the esteemed speakers. The event was hosted by the Graduate Program in Social Sciences in Development, Agriculture, and Society at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (CPDA/UFRRJ), Brazil.

The panel also included prominent figures such as Everton Picolotto, a professor at the University of Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul; Priscila Delgado de Carvalho, a professor at CPDA/UFRRJ; and Sarah Luiza Moreira, a Ph.D. student at CPDA/UFRRJ. The event was skillfully moderated by Professor Leonilde Servolo de Medeiros from CPDA/UFRRJ.

During this insightful event, Marco Antonio Teixeira launched his book, titled “Contag 1963-2023: Actions of Social Reproduction and Forms of Collective Action,” which added depth to the discussions on rural unionism in Brazil.

The event was made accessible to a global audience through a livestream on YouTube, allowing attendees from around the world to participate virtually.

With the participation of these renowned experts and the thought-provoking discussions held during the event, it was a significant milestone in commemorating 60 years of rural unionism in Brazil and reflecting on the journey of Contag.