Food Policy Debate in Belo Horizonte: ‘Food for me is…’

Focus groups on Food Policies in Belo Horizonte invite experts to discuss priorities, relationships and food ‘What is food to you?’.

That was the first question put to the participants of the focus groups on Food Policies in Belo Horizonte. Held on 27 and 28 February 2024 at Casa Híbrido in the capital of Minas Gerais, the face-to-face meetings brought together civil servants, academics, members of social movements, community leaders and councillors from public policy councils. The initiative was organised by FFJ as a qualitative research technique to study the successes and failures of existing policies, the actors working on food access, supply, production and distribution, and the relationships between them. This stage of data collection complements the in-depth interviews that have been carried out since 2019. The debates were recorded by two graphic rapporteurs, Ghiulia Cabral and Lívia Pereira, who in addition to engaging the public produced panels that will serve as input for the project’s audiovisual material. Other developments from the sessions will soon be published here on the FFJ website.

Photos taken by the participants: