Marcha das Margaridas: 23 Years of Women’s Struggle for Food Security and Sovereignty – An Interview with Renata Motta

Renata Motta was interviewd by “Comida do amanhã” to talk about the Marcha das Margaridas.

Comida do amanhã recounted a bit of the history of the Marcha das Margaridas, its primary motivations, and its relationship with food systems. They interviewed Renata Motta, who, along with Eryka Silva Galindo and Marco Antonio Teixeira, conducts research on the Marcha das Margaridas within the Food for Justice Research Group. They also shared the experiences of their collaborator, Tárzia Medeiros, who attended the 2023 edition and had been present at the marches held in 2000, 2003, 2011, and 2019.

The Marcha das Margaridas, a powerful movement of rural women in Brazil, marked its 23rd year with over a hundred thousand women gathering in Brasília. Named after Margarida Maria Alves, a fearless advocate for workers’ rights who was tragically assassinated, the march addresses issues of food security, gender equality, and land access. This year’s theme, “Pela Reconstrução do Brasil e pelo Bem Viver” (For the Reconstruction of Brazil and the Good Life), highlighted demands ranging from democracy and gender equality to climate justice and food sovereignty. In an interview with Renata Motta, the march’s significance as a platform to influence national policies and empower women in rural areas is emphasized.

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