Brasil, do flagelo da fome ao futuro agroecológico – Uma análise do desmonte das políticas públicas federais e a agroecologia como alternativa

The National Articulation of Agroecology (ANA) is a space for interaction and construction of learning and political convergence that involves movements, networks and civil society organizations engaged in concrete experiences of promoting agroecology in Brazil. Among other action fronts, ANA plays a role in building political unity for incidence in spaces of dialogue between society and the State at its different levels, seeking to influence the creation and improvement of public policies aimed at promoting agroecology in its multiple dimensions and guaranteeing food and nutritional sovereignty and security. Within this field of action, ANA launched the national mobilization campaign entitled Agroecology in Elections 2022. The initiative aims to project the proposals of the agroecological field in the electoral debate. This is expected to increase support for agroecology by growing segments of society and to gain the commitment of candidates for executive and legislative positions at state and federal levels. Developed in a decentralized way in all states of the country, the action is composed of a set of mobilization initiatives, all articulated in communication actions aimed at giving wide dissemination and reach to the proposals. The first of these was the elaboration of a Letter of Commitment with proposals for candidates in the 2022 elections. This document has the function of subsidizing the debates and constituting a reference for the dialogue with candidates in activities such as campaign rallies and acts in all the states of the federation.