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Our Publications

Organization Alan Dutra Cardoso, Márcia Motta, Marina Machado, and Reynaldo Pessôa • 2023

“Marcha das Margaridas” entry in “Novo Dicionário da Terra”


The book “Novo Dicionário da Terra” addresses the importance of the social sciences in the analysis and proposal of public policies for the Brazilian rural universe. It reflects on the country’s contradictions and its recent history, highlighting political challenges and setbacks. The authors emphasize the society’s resistance in defense of issues such as land concentration and inequality and call for preserving national science and learning from Brazil’s history. The entry “Marcha das Margaridas” (March of the Daisies) was written by Marco Antônio Teixeira and Renata Motta, contributing to the richness and diversity of the book’s content.

Renata Motta, Marco Antonio Teixeira

Folha de S. Paulo • 2023

A luta das Margaridas


The article explores the March of the Daisies, a historic mobilization held on August 15th and 16th, which brought together over 100,000 courageous women from all over Brazil in Brasília. Led by rural workers, the march is a significant event in Latin America, addressing crucial issues such as hunger, territorial threats, violence, and inequalities, while also seeking visionary solutions for comprehensive and impactful social transformation. The article is available in the opinion section of Folha de S. Paulo.

Eryka Galindo, Renata Motta, Marco Antonio Teixeira

AK Feministische Geographien • 2023

Blogbeitrag: Fem Geo Rundmail Nr. 93

Lea Zentgraf, Alina Gombert

Studies in Social Science • 2023

Women in Movement & Feminisms: Critical Materialisms & Environmentalisms

Renata Motta, Marcela Suárez Estrada, Sabina García Peter